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      What is aluminum-plastic separation equipment? Simply put, it is a device that separates and recycles aluminum and plastic after some treatment processes. Is an ...

      Used tires are called "black pollution", and their recycling and disposal technology has been a worldwide problem. This article makes an investigation and analys...

      Before starting the copper wire recycling machine equipment, you should check the various moving parts of the machine to prevent objects from falling on the movi...

      Broken bridge aluminum can be said to be very common in our daily life. For example, our aluminum and gold doors and windows are now mostly used for broken bridg...

      Due to the extensive use and widespread existence of circuit boards, a lot of waste circuit boards are produced every year. If these circuit boards are not recyc...

      The copper meter machine is a device specially developed for recycling used wires and cables. It is mainly used for crushing and sieving copper and plastic in wa...

      Due to different processing techniques, the microstructure of copper foil materials is different. Observing the cross section of the material under a 1000x micro...

      Corona wire, open the observation window, check whether the corona wire is normal, the corona wire is required to be not broken, and at the same time there is no...

      With the development of society and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, resource recycling has gradually become a hot topic at the...

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